Government Offices Need To Adapt In This Mobile Era

The latest Pew Research recently revealed that nearly two thirds of Americans have a smart phone and that more searches are being made on mobile devices than on personal computers.  As citizens continue to rely on mobile devices, government offices must learn how to adapt in order to meet the needs of their citizens.

As indicated in “How mobile impacts local government communications,” posted by Ashley Fruechting on, 10% of the two thirds of Americans with smartphones don’t have any other form of internet access at home.  As the average citizen becomes accustomed to anywhere, anytime internet access, it would be prudent for the public sector to take note.  There may be a time when outdated communications systems, particularly non-mobile friendly websites, become obsolete, which will further strain the relationship between governmental offices and the citizens they serve.

A recent survey of local government IT and communications professionals by Vision Internet revealed
that only about half of the respondents had mobile-ready websites, leaving municipalities with an uphill battle to catch up in this digital era.  Government offices that can harness mobile citizen services can improve citizen convenience by offering improved communications as well as time and labor savings.

Citizens expect to interact with the government in the same manner that they do with other businesses and on the platforms they are the most comfortable.  A modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can help public offices reach these goals by offering streamlined data management, built-in business intelligence and reporting features, and self-service portals for citizens. You can manage internal operations such as financial and accounting operations, grant programs and budgets, and other services within a single, integrated ERP solution. In addition, the self-service portals can be used by citizens to find information on their own or communicate with specific departments.  Their requests or other communications can be routed and tracked to ensure prompt, proper responses, which can improve satisfaction and support.

Public offices need to adapt to the mobile era.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions to learn how modern management solutions can support efforts to improve mobility, productivity, and strengthen relationships with your citizens.

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