Government Agencies Must Beware of Upgrades and Shutdowns

As in the private sector, government agencies must be aware of the impact that a technology upgrade or shutdown can cause to major municipal operations, including internet of things (IoT) projects. Changes to major networks could shut down communication systems and other key operations. Although in many cases, upgrades and other changes are announced early, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) was still not prepared when AT&T decommissioned their 2G network and it caused disruption with public transportation.

As indicated in “Old Networks Can hobble IoT, Even in Tech Paradise,” posted by Stephen Lawson on, the San Francisco NextMuni system that informs passengers when the next train or bus will arrive began sharing inaccurate forecasts for many lines. The miscommunication was the unfortunate result of bad timing. AT&T had warned the city when they would decommission the 2G network; however, SFMTA vehicles hadn’t been upgraded with newer 3G technology at the time of the decommissioning. The city simply wasn’t able to upgrade the Muni vehicles as quickly as needed.

AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon periodically replace older technology with newer systems that carry more traffic with greater speed and efficiency. While these network changes are typically announced well in advance, it still puts municipalities between the proverbial rock and a hard place. It takes time to upgrade IoT projects, which can be particularly challenging for municipalities using outdated management systems. Scheduling time for a system upgrade and earmarking funding resources is difficult for municipalities that can’t quickly access reliable data. In order to be better positioned for major network and IoT project upgrades, make your own internal system upgrade.

Be Prepared for Network & Organizational Changes With Microsoft Dynamics 365

Modern technology makes it easier for municipalities to enter and access key data from across the organization. Municipalities can manage financial and accounting processes, inventory and supplier information, grant programs, IoT projects and other key operations with greater efficiency using an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutionMicrosoft Dynamics 365 integrates Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and CRM, along with business intelligence and service in one, comprehensive, cloud-based solution.  One robust system is easier to learn and use than multiple systems and specialty software. In addition, leaders have quick access to key data highlighted on dashboards and within other business intelligence features. Real-time data provides just the visibility leaders need to plan for network and IoT project upgrades far in advance.

Strengthen operations and be prepared for network and other major changes by replacing legacy systems with modern technology. Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions for guidance with deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 to streamline operations and position your organization to navigate the challenges and changes that many municipalities face in this digital era.

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