Glitchy Software Makes Customer Service Problems Worse

With customer satisfaction ratings at remarkable lows, government agencies are turning to digital services to improve citizen-facing programs. However, slow systems or glitchy technology will only make a bad situation worse. Before making digital improvements, agencies need to understand the end-user needs, as well as existing infrastructure weaknesses.

The Obama administration has earmarked funds in the 2017 fiscal budget to expand digital services according to “Creating federal digital services that actually work,” posted by Davis Johnson on In addition, the new Core Federal Services Council will be tasked with improving performance within certain citizen-facing programs, which is likely in response to a Forrester Research report showing poor quality customer service. In addition to seeking real-time customer feedback, which is necessary for improving services, agencies also need to make sure their services work well. Slow-moving software, glitches and mistakes all create a poor customer experience that sours the entire interaction between a citizen and government agency.

Agencies need to take the time to understand internal IT infrastructure and how applications perform under certain circumstances. A study by Market Connections revealed that 51% of federal IT decision-makers indicated it can take as much as a day or more to find and correct performance issues. Poor performance and downtime also lead to poor productivity, which certainly doesn’t help agencies in the quest to improve customer services. Replacing lagging, legacy systems is necessary for governmental agencies to turn this problem around.

Improve Internal Operations and Customer Service with ERP

A robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution will streamline operations and alleviate common bottlenecks by centralizing key data. Agencies can manage financial and accounting operations, inventory and supply chain information, and other key operational data within an ERP solution. With data in easy reach, frontline employees will be able to respond faster to citizen inquires and requests for services which goes a long way toward improving the citizen’s experience. Dashboards, business intelligence and reporting features also make it easier to access and analyze data and share it faster with other agencies or the public. Monitoring and measuring certain metrics offers an opportunity to make continued improvements whether they involve internal operations or with customer services.

Get started on the journey toward strengthening customer service by replacing outdated technology with modern management solutions. Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions for more information about using ERP to streamline government operations, taking control over important data and improving the citizen experience.

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