To Generate Leads, Focus On The “Click”

There are many different ways to get in front of new prospects and remind your customers that you still exist.  Traditional media, such as print, radio, and TV ads can give you plenty of face time and imprint your goods or services in the minds of your customers.  However, digital media can take your relationship one step further and generate selling.

There is a time and a place for both traditional media and digital media when it comes to advertising and marketing your products and services.  Traditional media, TV commercials and print ads, has been around and consumers are familiar and comfortable with this form of advertising.  Digital media is newer and quickly growing in popularity for several reasons; however, the biggest reason that digital takes an advantage over traditional is that it’s actionable.

As discussed in “It’s All About the Click: Traditional Media Versus Digital Media Versus Social Media,” posted by Angela Hausman on, it’s the click of the mouse or smartphone swipe that drives results.  As consumers are driving down the road, for example, they are unlikely to stop under a billboard and dial the number listed for a product.  However, as they are surfing the web or browsing Facebook, they can click on an ad that takes them directly to a retailer or website to purchase a product.  Although digital makes it easy for consumers to get the information or products that they want, traditional media isn’t on its way out.  In fact, both traditional and social media can support the customer on their journey providing valuable nurture touches along the way.

Hausman suggests that there are four major ways to move your customers starting with reach, then acquire, develop, and advocate.  As she describes in the article, a combination of traditional, social, and digital media can be deployed at various stages and for different reasons.  No matter which avenues you choose for reaching out to your customers, it’s critical that you monitor the activities and your results within a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.  You can track each marketing campaign within CRM and determine which media yields the best results.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions for more information about harnessing the power of the click and turning leads into sales with CRM.

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