Financial Advisors Need To Go Mobile Or Go Home

There is no secret that consumers are relying more on mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, for both work and pleasure.  Many consumers also use mobile devices for financial activities, such as paying bills, banking, or investing, and Google has taken notice.  Google announced they will be switching up their algorithm to favor mobile-friendly websites, which could hurt financial advisors if they aren’t prepared.

Banks and other financial institutions that aren’t getting ready for the search algorithm changes being made by Google could soon experience big problems according to “Bank Websites Face ‘Mobilegeddon’ as Google Tweaks Formula,” posted by Mary Wisniewski on  Google is revamping the algorithm and plans to favor websites that are deemed “mobile-friendly” or usable on a small device.  A Pew Research Center poll indicates that nearly 19% of Americans rely, to a degree, on their smartphone for accessing online services and information.  Financial advisors have an opportunity to strengthen client relationships by offering a smooth online experience, or risk losing them.

While some banks appear prepared for Mobilegeddon, such as PNC and Ally Bank, nearly two-thirds of other banks and credit unions don’t pass Google’s mobile-friendly test.  Google has released a tool for webmasters to see how their webpages might rank with the new algorithm.  The initial evaluation of banking and other business sites didn’t do well.

Financial institutions, including banks, credit unions, wealth managers, and others, may want to take the time to update their websites in order to stay in front of their customers and improve their search rate for prospects.  It may also be a good time to evaluate business management solutions, to manage customers efficiently and provide superior customer service.  Today’s innovative enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions can streamline business processes such as consolidation, providing greater control and insight over portfolio management, cash management and foreign exchange, and more.  In addition, a customer relationship management (CRM) solution can offer visibility with customer needs to help increase client profitability by offering targeted offers to each customer based on their unique profile.

Today’s technology can make or break financial businesses.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions to learn more about using ERP and CRM to strengthen customer relationships and position your business for growth.

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