Even In This Digital Era, Customers Still Need Bank Branches

Although it may be frustrating, customers still need personalized attention at the bank branch.  A recent study showed that customers plan to continue to visit banks for several reasons, including to receive expertise with choosing the right banking options.  This opens the door for banks to strengthen these relationships, which could still start with turning a digital touchpoint into a personal branch visit.

According to a study discussed in “Banks Frustrate Consumers Who Want a More Personal Experience,” posted on TheFinancialBrand.com, people are still visiting banks.  The study revealed 74% of people visit banks at least five times per year, 31% will visit five to nine times per year, and 43% will visit more than 10 times. This need for personal interactions suggests that digital alone isn’t satisfying all banking needs.  When pressed further, 45% of respondents cited safety concerns when using online forms such as loan applications and 32% prefer expertise from banking associates.  It makes sense that consumers will give up on digital channels when there technical difficulties; however, there may be a preference for personal attention when pursuing certain banking issues.

While many banks are working diligently to strengthen trust with their customers, nearly 60% of consumers feel that they do not have a strong relationship with the staff at their local bank branch.  Don’t let your customers get frustrated online, then frustrated in your bank.  Deploy strong business management solutions, such as a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, to improve the customer experience.

You can use an integrated CRM solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, to capture all of your customer-centric information.  With quick access to current or historical products and services as well as preferences, interaction details, and other personalized information, you can respond faster to customer needs on the spot.  You can also offer a self-service portal and make it easier for customers to contact you online or schedule a personal appointment.  Providing prompt, personalized customer service, whether online or in the bank branch, can strengthen customer relationships and improve the banking experience.

At every touchpoint, whether digital or in person, your customers prefer customized attention.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions to learn how CRM can help you deliver the experience your customers expect.

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