Does Your Content Have Purpose? It Should

Content marketing is important and today, more than ever, quality far surpasses quantity. It’s not about how much material you put out, but whether it’s of the quality that gets noticed and spurs engagement or sales. Content needs to have a purpose and here are several other ways to develop material that reaches, inspires and engages your viewers.

As suggested in “5 Commitments Effective Content Marketers Should Make in 2017,” posted by Sujan Patel on, marketers need to revisit their marketing goals and make sure the material being created serves a purpose. It’s not enough to create a blog post, for example, every week. That blog post and other messages should support the marketing campaigns already in progress.

To bring these messages together, content should hit certain markers, like targeted keywords, or have a defined call-to-action. Whether you are planning to expand product lines, boost cross-sales and up-sales, or test other markets, every piece of material should have a message that brings your business closer to achieving your marketing goals.

Once you’ve created content that has a purpose, it’s important to release it in a way that gets noticed. Understanding the material that will best attract the attention of your customers is as important as understanding where or how they would prefer to receive those messages. There are so many new channels in this digital era and you don’t want to waste time releasing content that won’t be noticed. Blog posts, social media networks and live streaming are all potential platforms. You can offer product briefings, tutorials or organize product launch events across multiple channels, increasing exposure of your material.

Breathe New Life Into Customer Engagement & Sales With CRM

After releasing content, it’s important to monitor and measure the results. An integrated customer relationship management (CRM) solution provides a strong foundation for managing all aspects of your marketing efforts. You can release marketing messages from CRM, then track the results to determine which material or platforms are yielding the best results. Built-in business intelligence features make it easier to analyze actual customer data to profile audiences with greater proficiency, determine how customers prefer to receive your messages, and see which calls-to-action trigger customer action.

Create content with a purpose and make sure that customers see it by monitoring marketing activities with CRM. Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions for more information about using CRM to support content marketing efforts and breathe new life into customer engagement and sales.

By AKA Enterprise Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP Partner for Media and Entertainment Companies

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