Display Ads May Be Down, But Don’t Count Them Out Yet

Yelp may soon discontinue its display ads business and LinkedIn has reported they may follow suit after noticing a decrease in display ad revenue.  On the other hand, Facebook is seeing success with display ads, possibly due to their larger user base and higher engagement.  While display ads may be down, don’t count them out yet.  It may be time to rethink the process.

According to “Yelp, LinkedIn shift resources from old-fashioned display ads,” posted by Jennifer Booton on MarketWatch.com, Yelp and LinkedIn are shifting resources away from the banner-like display ads.  Yelp reported that these types of ads had negatively impacted last quarter growth and LinkedIn announced a 30% year-over-year decline in display ad revenue.  Although LinkedIn is not likely to discontinue all display ads, they are shifting resources toward recruiting services and annual subscriptions, leveraging their user data.

On the other hand, Facebook has a large following and high engagement.  As such, they can use their customer data to make display ads smarter and turn to programmatic advertising solutions to buy and sell ads with greater efficiency.  Similarly, Twitter is also testing mobile ads and learning how to leverage user data to their advantage.

Other businesses can test ad effectiveness by deploying a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  You can use this robust CRM solution to capture data about your prospects and customers and use it to profile your audiences more efficiently.  As you get to know your audience, you can create engaging content that gets noticed.  You can also use customer information to identify trends, such as products that are increasing in popularity, or boost up-sales and cross-sales by offering products similar to what customers already enjoy.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM also offers an online connection to social media sites.  You can reach out to users online as well as listen to what they are saying about your business, products, or services.

There may be a place for display ads within your marketing and advertising plans; however, monitor and determine their effectiveness by using an innovative CRM solution.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions to learn more about using CRM to get to know your customers better, improve marketing efforts, and boost sales.

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