Discover Your Sales Potential with DynAD for CRM 2013

CRM – Customer Relationship Management systems – are not widely used in media organizations. Sure many sales executives have their own way of managing their contacts and tracking their projects but this can be problematic. Without one system that tracks customer and prospect information, sales numbers and order history, too much time is spent reconciling the information with accounting and opportunities are lost. Not to mention the often quick turnover of sales jobs in the industry resulting in loss of data and more missed opportunities.

A common concern about CRM systems for media companies is that they don’t work for ad sales unless heavily customized. They aren’t flexible enough to keep up with the fast paced industry, User adoption is another issue, sales people would rather be out selling than entering data into a system which brings up the problem of value. The system isn’t going to be valuable unless information is entered and updated.

Understanding the value-add of CRM is the only way it will be used so the system must be secure, flexible, mobile and easy to use. It also must make sense for media companies. Consider what the ad sales process is centered around; clients and more specifically the advertiser/agency relationship. In a very competitive environment having the ability to know and understand the customers better than the competition is the key to succeed and the media industry is at the center of this revolution where clients can do more by themselves every day and have access to more data to know where to spend their advertising dollars than ever. Knowing the customer and their spending history, their needs, and audience is critical and DynamicsADvantage for CRM can become the tool to provide media companies with all this information.

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Contributor: Adolfo Ramirez

As AKA's Media Practice Lead for more than a decade, Adolfo is an experienced consultant and project manager with a history of successful CRM and ERP projects across media and other industries. With 17 years of experience working with the Microsoft business platform, he is responsible for leading his team in designing, building, and implementing solutions that help media companies drive value.

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