Digital Transformation Starts Now: Take the First Steps at QuikEnvision

Digital transformation. You hear it everywhere, and it’s clear that it is the future of business. Technology is driving new ways of doing business, and organizations must either evolve and take advantage—or be left behind.

But digital transformation is different for every organization. What does it mean to your business? And how do you turn a concept into an actionable plan?

Like any new endeavor or purchase, it starts with doing your homework, learning more about what’s out there, and finding the right people to help you put your plan together and then put it into action. Enter QuikEnvision.

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What you need to know about Digital Transformation…in one place

QuikEnvision is an opportunity for business leaders to come together and learn about strategic developments around digital transformation.  How is your company positioned against competition to serve customers? How productive and efficient are your workloads and processes to increase revenue and profits? What programs and support systems are in place to motivate, support and develop your staff through these transitions?  How secure is your environment and is your company protected from outside threats in this new era of cloud technology? 

These are just a few of the questions that will be answered with Microsoft executives in just one, event-packed day.  With strategic keynotes, interactive breakouts, and a partner pavilion with over a dozen third party solutions to address these growing concerns, this event offers excellent value. Here’s what one long-time attendee has to say about it:

“I have attended the ATSG’s QuikEnvision technology conference since its inception in 2008. Every year, I have the opportunity to speak with IT professionals from every aspect of the trade and learn about what’s hot and what’s not…The seminars are very informative and relevant to me as both an IT professional and a computer enthusiast. The exhibit area offers a great opportunity to speak with various vendors about their products and services, many of which I would not normally get exposure to otherwise, and being able to speak to someone directly, face-to-face, is so much better than online or over the phone! Very valuable use of my time!” – Nick Lanese, Director of Information Technology, ProPublica

Why AKA will be there

Digital transformation is a significant undertaking if you do it correctly. It takes the right tools and technology—and experts who know how to put it all together. For 20 years, AKA has worked together with ATSG to help guide organizations regarding strategic decisions around security, cloud adoption, mobile device management and business applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 (ERP and CRM), Office 365, and Power BI. QuikEnvision gives us the opportunity to talk to you about your questions, concerns, and goals in a learning environment.

We’re also excited about what’s on the agenda. This year’s conference will explore the changing role of IT in supporting organizational change and growth, as well as how solutions from Microsoft and partners like AKA will be leveraged to help empower this change and make technology an integral part of the business. Sessions will be led by ATSG and Microsoft experts:

  • Digital Transformation and the 21st Century Business
  • Security Strategies
  • Driving Change in an Organization: Human Issues Inside and Out
  • Latest Developments: Office 365, Windows 10, and Azure
  • Industry Breakouts
  • Cisco and MS UC Tools
  • Modern Wireless and Mobility Strategies
  • Modernizing the Cloud-First Data Center

Get started on your transformation

When: February 1st, 2018 8:30-6:30 pm

Where: Microsoft Office, 11 Times Square, NYC

Register here

Ready to start the discussion now? Contact us learn more about how AKA and ATSG can help you begin your digital transformation.

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