How Governments Are Using Technology to Meet the Demand for Transparency

Digital Democracy, a new web platform already released in California, was recently launched in New York and may soon be available in Florida and Texas. Citizens will be able to use this site to search archives for videos and transcripts from the hearings inside statehouses. Upon receipt of a video or transcript, a user can share it through email or social media. This new platform takes transparency to a whole new level…a must for governments of all sizes today.

As noted in the article, “Digital Democracy Brings Legislative Transparency to New York,” on, the platform allows citizens to search for keywords, such as ‘education funding’ or ‘climate change’ and find listings for hearings during which those words were used. Users are able to view video and read transcripts for the hearings, specifically at the moments when those keywords were discussed. The platform allows users to create email alerts, edit videos and share what they find through email or social media sites. In the spring, a new feature, Mobilized, will enable nonprofit organizations and advocacy groups to brand content and embed it on their own websites to share information pertaining to their causes or for the communities they serve.

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Digital Democracy opens the doors for groups that don’t use lobbyists to keep the focus on certain priorities. This form of open government will strengthen the trend towards holding government accountable for their actions. Citizens are demanding more transparency, and public offices must be prepared to supply it by providing timely, quality services and delivering on promises.

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