Continuing The Apple vs. FBI Conversation

It appears as though the FBI has taken a step back from pressuring Apple to provide a back door to open a criminal’s iPhone.  However, this conversation is certainly not over.  The encryption technology that protects citizens is also protecting criminals, and the idea of weakening security to access the iPhones used by criminals isn’t getting widespread approval.  This conversation is just getting started.

Gaining Trust in the Public Sector through Transparency            

As suggested in “DOJ Says It Hacked Into Encrypted iPhone – Without Apple’s Help,” posted on, Apple won a small victory in the war with the FBI.  The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) indicated that they had unlocked the iPhone used by the San Bernardino shooters and no longer needed Apple to write new software in order to break into the back door.  However, questions remain about how the DOJ was able to break in and whether or not they will share that information with Apple.  If the DOJ shares this weakness with Apple, then Apple would likely resolve the issue so it can’t be used again by the government, or by criminals to breach their devices.  On the other hand, Apple is likely working on this weakness anyway to continue to protect their devices for the citizens that use them.

During this unprecedented legal battle, other tech industry leaders, including Facebook and Microsoft, filed legal briefs supporting Apple.  They are also, likely, working on improving their security measures to protect the conversations and data on and shared between mobile devices.  The tech industry may be seeing the very tip of the iceberg on the issue of data collection and electronic surveillance, as well as the pressure put on tech businesses to bypass the security measures put in place to protect users.

This debate about breaking into private citizens’ personal data is just starting and it isn’t helping the government gain trust with its citizens.  Public offices can turn these tables around, show more transparency, and work closer with their citizens and the community.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions to learn more about using modern technology to bridge the widening gap with citizens and rebuilding the trust that has been threatened.

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