The Consumer Is ‘Always On’ So Should Programmatic Advertising

Technology has created an ‘always on’ marketplace.  Consumers can research products or companies, place orders, and socialize 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Marketers may similarly consider an ‘always on’ approach to advertising.  Can this new approach lead to better product awareness, better sales, and is it worth the cost?  Possibly.

As discussed in “Marketers Turning Away From RFP/IO Campaigns, Embracing ‘Always On’ Approach,” posted by Tyler Loechner on, there just might be a benefit to experimenting with longer marketing campaigns.  TubeMogul, a programmatic video ad platform, evaluated campaigns that ran for a traditional, shorter time frame such as 2-90 days, and longer or ‘always on’ campaigns that ran for over 200 days.  Results indicated that the 15-second and 30-second ads had a higher completion rate for the ‘always on’ campaigns versus the short campaigns.  TubeMobul also found that product awareness was approximately three times higher for the longer campaigns and the cost-per-viewable impression was lower.

This new information is worth considering as you plan upcoming marketing campaigns.  However, if you test the waters and try something new, it’s important to monitor your activities and results to make sure they pay off.  A robust customer relationship management (CRM) solution can provide the control and insight that you need as you devise and execute marketing campaigns.  You can profile and target audiences with greater accuracy and create ads that are more likely to get customers interested.  You can also monitor multi-channel campaigns with greater efficiency and learn which channels or efforts offer greater leads or leads that turn to sales.  Monitoring marketing and advertising activities within a CRM solution provides actionable insight, data that you can use to fine-tune efforts and get the results that you desire.

Many CRM solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, also offer time-saving automations that streamline lead handling, customer management, and other sales processes.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions for more information about using CRM to monitor marketing and advertising efforts so that you can be confident that that your advertising efforts are successful.

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