Competing with Robo Advisors: How Wealth Managers Can Get the Upper Hand with Microsoft Dynamics 365

As if it weren’t tough enough, Charles Schwab now has a robo-hybrid product that merges digital and human services.

According to Reuters, this online tool is backed by a team of human professionals. Investors use a self-guiding tool to generate a financial plan that supports their financial situation and goals. They then have a conversation with an advisor, over the phone or via video conference, as needed. Advisors can answer questions, provide financial advice, and the investor can schedule annual check-ins. The portfolios are then managed by the Intelligent Portfolios robo.

Critics are concerned there could be a conflict of interest, or that advisors who are charging more could be hurt by this lower-cost service. And they might have a point. How do wealth management firms compete? At the end of the day, it’s about showing value and providing a superior customer experience. That’s where wealth managers have the upper hand…if they can provide superior customer service they will stay on top.

Thrive in the Digital Era with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Modern technology, including Microsoft Dynamics 365, can support you as you compete with robo advisors and other digital disruptions. The ERP functionality (365 for Operations) streamlines operations, improves consistency and productivity, and puts operational data at the fingertips of those who need it to make data-driven business decisions. To keep that client-satisfaction upper hand, CRM captures client-centric information and provides a 360-degree view of the client, enabling advisors to provide proactive, personal service that automated advisors cannot.  Business intelligence features offered by Dynamics 365 provide quick access to key metrics, making it easier to identify trends, such as client behaviors, which can be used to reduce risk and drive growth.

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