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With a brand new year ahead of us, we are kicking off a new blog series for our customers. Our goal is to discuss all areas of our business and the industries we serve. Throughout these posts, we will reference news and articles we feel are valuable to the business application space and to our clients. Additionally we want to relate back to AKA’s Shared Values which are important to our mutual successes and shape our company culture and vision.

Growth drives business and is always on our minds here at AKA. We think about growing our team, growing our knowledge and growing the customer experience. Over the past year we have seen  steady growth in all these areas, and have a very positive view heading in to 2014.

According to a recently published report by Forrester Research the software industry will see a modest worldwide growth, where the US economy will pull the freight. Business and government software purchases are projected to grow the fastest of any tech category, with IT consulting and systems integration services to follow. The drivers of software growth? Cloud computing/software as a service (SaaS), custom mobile app development and smart computing or business intelligence and analytics.

We can attest to the growth in 2013, in the different areas mentioned in the report and continue to invest in SaaS and BI as well as our traditional areas of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP in 2014. In addition to what Forrester has on their radar, we believe that growth for us is not just in new customer acquisition, but in how our customers can use the software they already own better. Many organizations have limited use of their software and should further explore the capabilities of the existing product, and maximize their initial investment. CRM and ERP systems have multiple layers of functionality and many organizations only use that what is on the surface and what keeps their business going. Instead of looking to additional solutions, it is worth it to take a deeper look at what you already own.

Events such as Microsoft’s Convergence (March 4-7 in Atlanta this year) will allow you to learn more about the capabilities of your software package and we encourage our customers to attend. Live webinars, which we host on a regular basis and on demand demos are another way to gain a deeper understanding of the software. We strive to provide interesting and helpful topics and welcome feedback and suggestions. Client Empathy.

This brings me to our event Vision2014, which we host every year, for our customers and meet with them to show them new functionality, and to discuss how they can use their existing software better. This event is always well attended, receives positive feedback from many and furthers our Client Relationships. This year, our event will be bigger than ever with more breakout sessions to meet the needs of our diverse GP, AX, CRM and BI customer base, spread out over a number of different industry verticals. We want to make sure every customer leaves satisfied with new information, ideas and memories to draw from to help their business grow. Client Satisfaction.

Looking ahead is difficult, as there are many influences outside of our control throughout the year, anything from a Polar Vortex to a Capitol Hill freeze. It is encouraging to see the prediction of economic growth and to note the growth we have seen since the market went up again in 2009. Although not fully recovered and still with a ways to go, it is improving and 2014 will be a good build up for 2015. New users and customer growth have been and will continue to be very important components of our business plan, that combined with a focus on customer retention and client care objectives forecast a bright future for everyone involved.

Customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty are the drivers behind this blog series in which we will present monthly updates to keep you informed and aware about what AKA Enterprise Solutions has to offer and how we can help you grow your business.

Ronald Haantjes, VP of Client Relations

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