One of the Largest Counties in the U.S. Streamlined Coordination of Services and Strengthened Relationships…and So Can You

Fairfax County, Virginia is one of the largest counties in the U.S. With the highest population in the Commonwealth, coordinating services and communications with citizens is a monumental task. The County’s Board of Supervisors wanted to strengthen their connection with the community through more proactive communication and more efficiently manage inquiries. Multiple, disparate legacy systems were blocking the way.

All levels of government today are focusing on citizen relationship management — responding quickly and accurately to the requests and inquiries of citizens. In addition, citizens are demanding to be more involved in government affairs and their community.

Those on the front line understand the challenges involved in coordinating service and the importance of having the right tools to do it, both for internal administration and for easy public access. The goal is to build closer relationships, better anticipate and meet the needs of citizens, and develop a better understanding of what they want and expect from the government that serves them.

Citizen Engagement, Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365

AKA’s Citizen Engagement, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, is an affordable, scalable solution that efficiently supports your citizens’ needs and empowers your staff by helping you:

  • Manage citizen requests and track progress
  • Coordinate internal communication across the organization to enable faster resolution
  • Use real-time analytics and reporting to view number of cases by volume and type
  • Manage outreach and campaigns through portal integration, social media, and mobile

A Convenient Service for Citizens…a Valuable Resource for Government

Citizen Engagement is designed to manage and respond to citizen requests, provide proactive outreach and empower citizens to get more involved in the community. Citizen Engagement provides comprehensive citizen relationship management, giving you the ability to engage with your citizens more efficiently and effectively, allowing you to quickly receive, assign, track, and resolve requests, questions, and issues received by phone, email, and correspondence.

With Citizen Engagement, you can also put approval workflows in place for communications, track time, capture information for a knowledge base, monitor social feeds and post to them, and take advantage of the power of data visualization and predictive analytics using Microsoft Power BI, and the Cortana Analytics Suite.

Excellent Results, Happier Constituents

For Fairfax County, Citizen Engagement produced impressive results:

  • Requests, complaints, and other communications from citizens are managed and responded to efficiently.
  • The Board has a better understanding of the community’s concerns and needs.
  • Costs were cut through reduced need for maintenance, licensing, and training.

Ready to start seeing results, too? Take advantage of our special Quick-Start Citizen Engagement offer that can get you on your way to better citizen relationship management.

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