Cities Still Struggling Today, Long After Recession Ended

A recent report by Pew Charitable Trusts indicates that although the latest recession ended in 2009, many cities are still working with recession-like economies.  Spending is still tight for many cities and could be attributed to weak property tax revenues and a reduction in state aid.  Cities can learn how to stretch their dollars and do more with less with the support of better management tools.

According to the Pew Charitable Trust survey, discussed in “Long after Its End, Great Recession Still Plaguing U.S. Cities,” posted by Liz Farmer on, of the 30 cities surveyed, 18 reported a decline in revenue between 2011 and 2012, which is double from one year earlier.  In 2012, eight cities experienced their lowest levels of revenue since the start of the recession and four of the nine cities that had reached their pre-downturn revenue peak fell back below that pre-downturn figure again.  The study estimated an average of a 4% reduction in revenue based on a decline in property taxes and state aid over the 30 cities surveyed.  Many of these municipalities are struggling to deliver services with limited funding, long after the recession ‘officially’ ended.

Government organizations can accomplish great things, even with limited resources, by implementing stronger technology.  A robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can provide time-saving automations and greater insight throughout your operations, so that you can stretch limited dollars for maximum returns.  You can manage all of your financial activities from an integrated ERP solution including grant funds. With real-time financial insight, you can protect specific budgets from overspending as well as make prudent decisions with available resources.  A centralized ERP solution also brings your teams together, improving collaboration and communication across each department.  This seamless integration of data can also lead to improved services and streamlined interactions with your citizens.

ERP offers greater efficiency as well as greater control and insight throughout your organization.  Not only can you improve productivity, you can also show accountability and fiscal responsibility to your citizens.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions for more information about using an ERP solution to make the most out of the limited resources you have and deliver the programs and services that your constituents need.

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