The Challenge of Making Changes in a Public Sector Setting

We know that government offices are often slow to adopt changes and making positive changes in the community is almost always stymied by proverbial red-tape. Public leaders or community businesses might present an idea that can improve processes or citizen interactions; however, putting it into place requires a team of supporters with the patience and strength to push through a complicated network of approvals. Here are a few tips for getting the support you need to make the much needed changes within your public office.

Change Is Hard, But It Doesn’t Have to Be so Difficult

As suggested in “Civic Leaders and the ‘Why’ of Change,” posted by Otis White on, change is hard and making changes in the public sector is even harder. Leaders that want to improve municipal services can’t just implement the changes they think will work. They need the support of other political leaders and the public, as well as a solid case that justifies their plans. White offers tips for defining the why behind your plans to inspire change:

  1. Why is not what: Defining what a new community project is doesn’t provide a reason for why it’s necessary. Tie goals with the bigger picture, such as attracting new talent into your city.
  2. Build connections that build trust: You may not find the support for an arts center, but you could find support for the young people such a place could attract. Not only could the city benefit from younger talent, so could the municipal offices.
  3. Add a call to action: Sharing a vision is a start, but getting people to react can move a project off the drawing board and into the community.

Teamwork from within the municipal offices and with business leaders can provide the support needed to make the right changes within your community. Strengthen these connections by replacing inefficient legacy systems with a modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Modern ERP can put core business data at your fingertips and makes it easier to share internally and with the community. Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions to learn how modern management solutions can rally the support you need to make the changes you want to see within your community.

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