Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics Offer Potential for Marketers

Big data and business intelligence has been touted as the ideal industry standard in this digital era. Companies able to capture and analyze big data can then use it to make data-driven decisions. Targeted marketing was one area that offered the biggest promise for brands looking for ways to expand into new areas and grow revenues. As the volume and type of data continues to grow, predictive analytics provides even more value for marketers.

The marketers able to capture big data in the early stages initially used it to develop more elaborate, customized campaigns. As noted in “How Business Intelligence Is Being Disrupted for the Better,” posted by Ayodeji Onibalusi on, big data has become so huge that it’s become difficult for marketers to mine for insights without the support of a skilled IT team. Adding to this complexity is the increasing number of marketing technologies many brands have and use. According to a study by Gleanster, the average organization use three to five of the following marketing technologies: email marketing, landing page hosting, search engine marketing, web content, social media monitoring and web analytics. Unfortunately, these different services don’t integrate well, leaving users with valuable data spread across disparate systems. Marketers need to respond quickly to new information which is difficult if you can’t access reliable data in a timely fashion.

Put Big Data to Use with AKA’s DynamicsADvantage

Business intelligence doesn’t work if your marketers and sales representatives can’t make sense of the vast data you are collecting. Capture the data you need and use it to improve marketing and sales activities by replacing disparate systems with a more comprehensive, integrated solution.

DynamicsADvantage, AKA’s solutions for Media and Entertainment companies, uses business intelligence, marketing and other features found in Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems into powerful solutions that finance as well as ad sales professionals.

Big data and business intelligence is only beneficial when you can put it to use quickly and accurately. Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions for more information about harnessing big data and using modern business intelligence and analytic features found in today’s innovative management solutions.

By AKA Enterprise Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP Partner for Media and Entertainment Companies

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