Better Data Analytics from Microsoft Azure Helps The Commit Partnership Improve Dallas Area Schools

How The Commit Partnership maximized their impact on the community

The Commit Partnership is a coalition of more than 200 partners that works to help the Dallas community improve early childhood education, prepare and retain effective educators, and increase post-secondary educational success rates.non-profit cloud-based solutions

The organization is very data driven, relying on concrete pieces of evidence to make informed decisions. Over the years, The Commit Partnership had amassed over 20 terabytes of valuable information in their database but lacked the technical capabilities to use this data effectively for essential tasks, such as:

  • Making strategic decisions
  • Managing the organization’s resources and funding
  • Reporting on the organization’s success statistics
  • Advising the community schools they serve

AKA Enterprise Solutions worked with Microsoft and DataKind to help The Commit Partnership replace their existing SQL server with a SQL data warehouse, migrate their SQL on-premises to Azure, and utilize technology tools such as Azure Machine Learning and SQL Analysis Services so they could effectively use the gold mine of data they already possessed.

The solution provided The Commit Partnership with an easy-to-use cloud platform that allows the organization to run multiple models against their data sets. The solution also uses machine learning and predictive analytics to help them get the data they need to make strategic decisions. Plus, the entire solution—from proposal to final implementation—was completed in under two weeks.

In the end, the project has helped The Commit Partnership utilize technology to gain control of their data. For example, the organization was able to determine a 70% correlation between third-grade reading and future success in other grades, something they could not have identified in the past.

Watch the video to see how AKA, Microsoft, and Datakind worked together with the Commit Partnership to maximize their impact on their community:

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