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6 Ways Mobile CRM Apps Can Improve the Way We Do Business

With mobile devices in nearly everyone’s hands these days, mobile apps are becoming the standard for entertainment, education, communication, and convenience. However, businesses have been slower to adopt the use of apps, despite the fact that a good mobile business app can help you stay organized, track performance, access collateral, and help you respond more quickly to customer issues. Mobile CRM apps in particular can improve the way you do business.


Configuring Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile (MoCA) and Resco Mobile CRM

With all the benefits to using mobile for CRM. The next question is how to get started. The first step is configuring your mobile CRM. There are two viable and recommended options available today–Microsoft’s Mobile Client Access and a third party option, Resco Mobile CRM. This blog takes you through the configuration process for both, step by step.


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Want to learn more about Microsoft Mobile CRM or Resco Mobile CRM? We recommend reading the following:

Leading Financial Services Company: Building Strong Relationships and Providing Superior Customer Experiences

The Merchant Services group of this diversified, community-based financial services company with thousands of locations all over the world needed a they needed an operational platform that would connect data, systems, and processes into cohesive workflows. The system needed to support efficient lead management, a quick sales cycle, and complex approval processes, while enabling them to build and maintain strong customer relationships. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, their processes are automated and efficient, with integrated systems that not only streamline the application process, but provide visibility that enables them to build and nurture valuable relationships in a highly competitive industry.

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Did You Know…

If you are a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customer with a minimum of 10 seats, you have free access to Microsoft Social Engagement!

Social Engagement provides you with a powerful, easy-to-use, robust platform to listen, understand, gain insight, and interact with customers and prospects on your social media channels. Originally called Microsoft Social Listening, new updates provide a new social experience, improved collaboration, and workflow automation.

If you are not a CRM Online customer, you can still get Microsoft Social Engagement. Compared to similar tools like Radian6, Lithium, ThoughtBuzz, and ViralHeat, it is a downright bargain. Even better, it’s integrated with Dynamics CRM so you have all your contact and customer information and their social interactions in one system!

Learn more about Microsoft Social Engagement, and be sure to try out the Test Drive.

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