Azure Cloud at Work for Nonprofits: AKA Joins Microsoft and NetHope to Help with Digital Transformation

Since January 2016, Microsoft has been focused on helping nonprofits move to the cloud with an investment of money and resources. It has donated over $2.5 billion in Microsoft Azure cloud services to more than 90,000 nonprofits around the world. 

With this success, the Microsoft Technology for Social Impact (TSI) team was formed to continue with this work, dedicated to making world-class cloud technology accessible and affordable, so that nonprofits can drive greater impact.

We are very honored that AKA Enterprise Solutions has participated as a partner in their efforts. In fact, we won the 2018 Microsoft U.S. Partner for Social Impact Award, which recognizes a Microsoft partner that has helped accelerate the digital transformation of non-profit organizations through technology solutions.

Most recently, AKA was tapped by the TSI team as one of a handful of Microsoft partners to join their partnership with NetHope, which joins the world’s largest nonprofits (including several AKA clients) with technology innovators worldwide, acting as a catalyst for productive collaboration, innovation, and problem-solving to reimagine how technology can improve the world.

D3: Dream, Design, Deliver

With this partnership, NetHope and Microsoft have developed a structured process for Digital Transformation, called “D3.” The name represents three major phases: Dream, Design, and Deliver. 

The Dream phase involves strategizing with a client for 2-3 days about their problems and vision, creating a “Dream Book” of this vision and solution. The Design phase focuses on working with the client to ensure success, and implementing the solution occurs during the Deliver phase. Member organizations are matched with partners like AKA based on the partner’s ability to address their needs.

D3 partners to share results at Global Summit 2018

On November 5th, the D3 participants will converge in Dublin, Ireland for the NetHope Global Summit 2018. Each year, the conference offers a relevant agenda, hands-on workshops, and interactive sessions that draw a sell-out crowd from all over the world.

This year’s theme—Digital Transformation: It’s in Our DNA!—offers compelling speakers focused on the future of the nonprofit sector. AKA is very excited to be a part of the advancement of technology and the acceleration of digital transformation, particularly when it benefits nonprofits and the people they serve. Stay tuned as we report on the progress of our D3 projects!

We’re ready to help you do good

Are you a nonprofit ready for digital transformation? AKA’s experts have worked with non-profit organizations, including Lifeworks,  and Commit2Dallas to help improve productivity, reporting, and client service. To discuss your goals and needs, contact us.

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Contributor: Bryn Forrest

As Director, Government, Not for Profit, Media Industries, and Existing Customer Marketing for AKA, Bryn has more than 26 years of experience in marketing management, 17 of those with AKA. Under her leadership, AKA has been recognized by Microsoft for excellence in marketing.

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