Advertisers Taking Proactive Approach to Brand Safety and Accountability

Recent and ongoing concerns about programmatic or automated media buying is keeping advertisers up at night. Brand safety depends on transparency and accountability of media buying, as well as the relationships between agencies and publishers. To stay on top of the table and in full light, advertisers and partners are turning to technology to strengthen quality control and verification.

Technology is supposed to make common tasks easier and more efficient. In many cases, it certainly does. For those in the media and entertainment industry, programmatic services were created to streamline the ad buying system by using software to purchase digital advertising. This automated system greatly reduces the time spent on the traditional manual processes, such as requests for proposals, negotiations and manual ordering or ad placement.

Removing part of the human element offers a big time-savings, which should also result in cost savings. However, technology isn’t perfect and there are weaknesses in the programmatic system. Recent issues have brought to light questions regarding the true costs for the programmatic process, how ads are placed and whether they are really generating the views that are being reported by the various platforms or agencies. Human oversight is still sorely needed, in addition to the checks-and-balances modern tools offer.

Are Advertising Efforts Earning Ratings For The Right Reasons?

As discussed in “Embracing A More Open Approach Is Critical To Fostering Brand Safety,” posted by Tobi Elkin on, eMarketer reports that even with concerns about brand safety and transparency, programmatic still plays a major role in advertising activities. It’s a powerful option that can be successful with the right partners and the proper oversite.

A survey by the Association of National Advertisers revealed 97% of advertisers want third-party companies to measure media buys. Independent verification for viewability should show whether campaigns are making the expected ratings or measurements. This added check by a third party also supports advertisers as they take a proactive stance to protect their brand while releasing content that gets noticed.

Streamline Advertising Activities With Microsoft Dynamics 365 and DynamicsADvantage

Advertisers and partners can rely on modern tools to streamline ad transactions, as well as support greater transparency. However, real-time insight and business intelligence are necessary for monitoring advertising activities and reacting faster should problems arise.

Microsoft Dynamics 365, combined with DynamicsADvantage, offers comprehensive control over business operations and advertising activities. Publishers, cable and broadcasting, and other media companies that sell advertising, will gain greater control and insight over ad sales, opportunity and sales forecasting, relationship and campaign management, complex billing, and complex reporting processes. These systems offer dashboards and other business intelligence features that arm your leaders with real-time data. In addition, audit trails and security controls show transparency and build trust.

Strengthen operations and work closer with advertisers, publishers and partners by putting the right technology in place. Microsoft Dynamics 365 and DynamicsADvantage provide a powerful platform you can use to streamline operations, show transparency and support brand safety. Contact us for more information about taking a proactive stance with brand safety and accountability.

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