5 Ways Financial Services Can Deliver Connected Experiences with Connected Technology

Financial services organizations are finding it more important than ever to deliver connected experiences—for both clients and employees—to compete with peers and robo advisors. Managing multiple clients, multiple entities, and multiple systems is becoming increasingly challenging and expensive. Below are five ways financial services firms can deliver a connected experience with connected technology, like Microsoft Dynamics 365.

In this digital era, legacy software just doesn’t cut it anymore, especially in the financial sector. Financial services firms are often global and comprised of many legal entities. Consolidations are time-consuming and tricky when using ineffective software or even manual processes. Older systems are equally frustrating to your employees, who must figure out workarounds just to do their job. As a result, key financial and customer data is often stuck in silos. Not only is data difficult to reach and use, it makes for poor client and employee experiences.

Bringing People, Processes and Data Together with Financial Services Solutions from AKA

There are many benefits to replacing outdated, legacy systems with modern business management solutions. The main secret to success is in the integration. Here are five ways connected technology brings your people, processes and data together to provide a competitive advantage for you, and a seamless experience for your clients and employees.

  1. Integrated systems: AKA provides all-in-one solutions offering simple, yet powerful, ways to manage all your core business operations. In addition to centralizing data and automating processes, they seamlessly integrate with your existing programs, including Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Outlook, and Excel. These connections make it easier for your people to enter, analyze and use important business data and customer information.
  2. Consolidated entries: Mergers, acquisitions and other forms of growth often leave businesses with a hierarchy of entities. Managing multiple entities is challenging, but consolidating assets, liabilities and other financial data for multiple accounts can be a nightmare. Watch the following video to see how easy it is to consolidate multiple entities—even hundreds—in minutes instead of hours or days. After establishing the hierarchy, with a few clicks, batches will send off consolidations in the right sequence, at the right time.
  3. Centralized data: When your data is centrally located, it’s much easier to enter, share and analyze. AKA’s Financial Services solutions also offer powerful business intelligence (BI) features to support your leaders as they identify trends in the financial market or client preferences.
  4. Seamless client experience: Responding quickly has never been more important, especially in a highly competitive environment. Advisors that are able to put their fingers on the right data at the right time, will be more responsive to client needs. Better yet, you can establish web-based client portals that allow clients to access their data and other helpful information at their own convenience. Providing a superior client experience is absolutely critical today.
  5. Frictionless user experience: The seamless integration with other commonly used systems, like Office 365, will improve the productivity of your entire team. Intuitive user interfaces streamline data entry and reduce the need for redundant entry between systems. Instead of handling data and paperwork, your people can attend to other important tasks—like being more responsive to client needs.

Integration Is the Key to Success

When it comes to choosing an innovative, efficient, financial services solution to run your firm, integration is the key to success. Provide your clients and employees with the right tools and deliver a connected experience with connected technology. Contact us for more information about our Solutions for Financial Services and building a roadmap to modernize your technology in a way that makes sense for your business, employees and clients.

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