4 Tips for Optimizing Your Mobile Ads

Marketers, agencies and publications are investing heavily in mobile ads and must ensure ads are mobile friendly. Poor ad placement and lackluster content can lead to ad blocking which reduces website traffic and customer engagement. A few tweaks to marketing content and activities, combined with the right technology, will optimize mobile ad placement and increase the return on investment.

Here’s How to Strengthen Mobile Ads and Connections with Consumers

It’s no secret consumers rely on mobile devices more than ever. Entertainment, shopping and communicating for work and socially is increasingly done through smartphones and tablets. It’s also no stretch of the imagination to see that since consumers spend time on their mobile devices, mobile ad placements have grown.

As discussed in “Boost Your Mobile Site Ad Revenue with these Strategies,” from MonetizeMore.com, mobile ad placements have grown by 92% in 2016. However, there has also been an increase in ad-blockers, a challenge marketers, agencies and publishers need to consider when creating and releasing content.

4 Ways to Improve Mobile Ads and Reduce Risk for Ad-Blocking

When developing content, marketers need to start with an understanding about the preferences and nuances of the demographics they are trying to engage. Developing creative, action-provoking content your customers want to see is essential for a successful marketing program. Placing it on the right platform is the second challenge. Here are four tips for improving mobile ads and reducing the risk for ad-blocking.

  1. Fortify your mobile site: Slow page loading times is a sure-fire way to lose the attention of your customers and turn them over to a competitor. Check your mobile site and ad codes to ensure that pages load quickly and consumers can find the information they need immediately.
  2. Be entertaining, not annoying: Make sure your ads cater to your demographics and are targeted for specific users. Programmatic advertising is one option for automating the process, but remember to consider the consumer’s experience when on your website and as they interact with an ad.
  3. Focus on the call-to-action: Develop ads that have a strong call-to-action and make it easy for consumers to click on an ad. When using video, make sure they expand quickly or lead to more information, other promotions or an order page.
  4. Test all your options: A variety of ad types that may work well or not so great on your websites. Similarly, there are consumers with short attention spans and those looking for more detailed information. Sticky ads may work better at the bottom of the page, making the ad available regardless of where the viewer scrolls on the web page. Try different options in content, format and placement; then, evaluate the results.

Know What Works AND What Doesn’t with DynamicsADvantage

After developing strong content and releasing it on a variety of formats and platforms, it’s time to monitor and measure the results. Deploying robust management solutions, such as a customer relationship management (CRM) solution and DynamicsADvantage, add consistency and reliability to this important task. A CRM solution provides a strong platform for releasing marketing and advertising campaigns, then tracking the results. Business intelligence features deliver reliable data, ensuring that you are monitoring and measuring the right things and not relying on a ‘gut feeling’ or using anecdotal situations to determine whether an ad was truly successful or not.

DynamicsADvantage automates sales activity from marketing to lead management through the proposal and order process. You can also monitor multi-platform campaigns and track multiple products and services, including a variety of media attributes. Data is seamlessly integrated with ERP and CRM systems providing leaders with reliable, accurate information at every step in the process.

Put the technology in place to measure, monitor and improve mobile ads that speak to your customers and boost engagement. With DynamicsADvantage for CRM, you’ll be able to determine which ads are successful and delivering a return on investment and which need a little more fine-tuning. Contact us for more information about technology solutions designed to optimize mobile ads and customer engagement.


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