4 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Isn’t Generating High Traffic

Many businesses, including those in the media and entertainment industry, deploy a content marketing strategy with the hope and intent that it strengthens customer relationships just as much as it boosts profits. Content marketing is a valuable element of a strong marketing strategy; however, sometimes marketers dig deep and their efforts yield gold and sometimes they just find dirt. Why isn’t your content marketing generating the traffic you expected?

The phones aren’t ringing, online interaction is dropping and sales are falling flat. Where have all the customers gone? There could be any number of reasons leads and sales figures aren’t reaching their typical potential. The way out of these quiet, stagnant times is by taking a hard look at marketing efforts. Maybe content marketing isn’t what it could be and we need to find out why.

As discussed in “Why Your Startup Content Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working,” posted by Nathan Chan on Entrepreneur.com, here are four possible culprits to a weak content marketing plan.

  1. It’s time to adjust the plan: You aren’t the same company you were when you opened or even last year. Businesses change over time, adding new product lines and services, expanding into new areas, and reaching out to new demographics. If you haven’t adjusted your marketing strategy, then you could be marketing in the least effective ways to the wrong people.
  2. You’re not done: While the expectation is that content marketing efforts will ‘go viral’ on their own, it’s more often the exception. Once you post content, you must follow up by promoting that content in other ways and on other platforms.
  3. Bad content: Is the content you are developing creative, interesting, thought-provoking, valuable and engaging? That certainly sounds like a tall order, but there is so much content out there that your content could easily go unnoticed. To really stand out, you need to put together content that is strong, focused and provides value to
  4. Be patient and repeat: The author suggests, and we agree, that content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Results won’t come in a few hours and maybe not even in a period of weeks. Good content takes time to grow and yield results. That doesn’t mean you just sit back and watch. Keep promoting, keep developing and keep looking for new ways to improve and expand efforts.

Measure, Monitor and Analyze Content Marketing Efforts in CRM

The key to any successful content marketing strategy is to measure, monitor and analyze your efforts. A modern customer relationship management (CRM) solution offers a strong platform upon which to build a strong marketing program. As you release campaigns, you capture responses and interactions with prospects and customers within the CRM solution. You will get to know what drives your customers, what attracts and engages them, which platforms or content they prefer, and then you can turn that insight into stronger leads and sales.

If your content marketing isn’t driving high traffic, it’s time to get to the root of the problem. CRM is a powerful tool for measuring, monitoring and analyzing marketing efforts. With greater insight into these activities, you will be able to increase traffic, fill up the lead pipeline and breathe new life into sales. Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions for more information about using CRM to improve content marketing efforts.

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