3 Ways Programmatic Can Shed Light On Your Customers

Businesses testing the waters of digital advertising, particularly programmatic media buying, can not only support branding activities but also learn more about their customers.  As suggested in “Three Ways Programmatic Media Buying Helps You Target Customers,” posted by Elise Musumano on MarketingProfs.com, here are three things you can learn about your target audience and what you should do next to capitalize on what you learn:

  1. Customer insights: Digital advertising offers unique algorithms that can create an identifiable customer persona.  These personas can be different or more descriptive than a brand’s existing customer profile.  The more you learn about your target customers, the better you can identify campaigns that attract their attention.
  2. Combine customer data: You can collect first-party data, third-party data, and programmatic partner’s proprietary data.  Collecting and combining data can provide additional insight that can be used to develop campaigns that target “look-alike” customers as well as new niche audiences.
  3. React faster to changes in customer behavior: You may have a clear picture of your traditional target customers; however, seasonal fluctuations, economic changes, or other trends can change buying behaviors, making your standard target group more like a moving target.  Programmatic can make it easier to identify those changes so you can respond equally fast.

Programmatic media buying can provide additional insight about your customers; however, you can also develop insights by implementing a robust customer relationship management (CRM) solution.  CRM is a centralized business management solution that you can use to manage and monitor customer, sales, and marketing data to identify trends with your existing data.  Many CRM solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, can be seamlessly integrated with enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to provide a stronger view of your customers and business operations.  Both CRM and ERP solutions offer built-in business intelligence that can highlight trends in sales, products or services, and customer behaviors.

Whether you use programmatic media-buying today or may try it in the future, you can gain even greater visibility into your customers by using CRM.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions to learn more about using CRM and ERP to shed light on your customers and business operations and harness this data to drive growth.

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