3 Game-Changing Technology Opportunities That Make Us Excited About COVITS 2018

It’s that time again: COVITS 2018 is right around the corner. Hosted by Government Technology, COVITS offers an agenda that has been designed by a board of public and private sector leaders to bring inspirational guidance as well as relevant, actionable technologies and best practices to state and local government organizations.

This year’s event is particularly intriguing. Never before have there been so many paradigm-shifting trends and developments with the potential to change the way governments operate. Here are 3 opportunities being presented that we believe governments should pay close attention to.

Opportunity #1: A focus on the citizen experience

The keynote, “Collateral Change: Finding Balance in Our Digitally Evolving World,” sets the tone for the conference, identifying current times as the Age of Disruption. With digital technology “driving historic levels of transformative change and mindboggling opportunities.” The question is, how does this affect citizens? Another session discusses how innovations like Uber and Siri have changed the customer experience and how governments can—and must—follow suit. The “Strategies for Smart Communities” session discusses how to put these amazing new technologies and best practices into action.

These sessions all point to the need for tapping into new innovations and technologies to “revamp and revitalize government’s relationship with its citizens”…and we could not agree more.

But there are challenges, like tight budgets, limited resources, and bureaucracy that has not been helped by outdated, siloed systems. With increased focus on access, quality, and efficiency in the delivery of services through case coordination across agencies, the need for access to critical information as well as collaboration among agencies and providers is more important than ever.

That’s why AKA offers Citizen Engagement and Case Management Solutions for Government. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, these solutions address the entire spectrum of needs in these areas.

Citizen Engagement is designed to help governments manage and respond to citizen requests, provide proactive outreach, and empower citizens to get more involved in the community. It helps governments quickly receive, assign, track, and resolve requests, questions, and issues received by phone, email, and correspondence. You can also put approval workflows in place for communications, track time, capture information for a knowledge base, and monitor social feeds and post to them, and take advantage of the power of data visualization and predictive analytics using Microsoft Power BI and the Cortana Analytics Suite.

Health & Human Services Case Management covers the case management needs of HHS organizations, from counseling and housing to education and job placement. Client service is improved through the coordination of information across the multiple entities involved with processes, from intake assessment to outreach and performance evaluation. Through the centralization of data and automation of activities, everyone has improved access to the information they need for client experience and overall quality of care.

Opportunity #2: The Potential of AI and Predictive Analytics

“Predictive Analytics and Why It Matters” and “AI Update” are two sessions that will discuss why business intelligence—which now encompasses AI and machine learning—can and should be more than reporting. The statement that “this could be the most disruptive technology in the history of the human race” is not an overstatement. With the ability to go beyond traditional reporting, which is all about looking at history, AI can anticipate behaviors and trends to estimate the likelihood of future outcomes. That opens many doors for improving the citizen experience, preventing potentially damaging events from occurring, saving money, and creating efficiencies.

Again, we could not agree more. AKA has built a strong cloud technology practice to help our government clients take full advantage of the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics. But the problem for most organizations is how to get to their data and put it into a format they can use. If you’re attempting analytics on-premise—and possibly across multiple on-premise and cloud solutions, you are adding more complications, which is why we advocate for moving to the Cloud with a full Cloud Data Platform and Predictive Analytics solution. By tapping into the power of Azure and tools like Power BI, you break free of traditional data warehouses, with virtually no limit to the amount of data you can process and visualize in real time—and in a format that works for you.

Opportunity #3: Reducing the threat to our digital security

Go to any conference or trade show these days, and you’ll see at least one session on cyber security. In “Cyberthreat Landscape,” the speaker will discuss how to improve the odds in a situation that can never be 100% safe.

We certainly agree—and being big fans of the Cloud, we believe that’s the best way to tackle business continuity concerns. AKA’s High Availability & Disaster Recovery (HADR) offering leverages Microsoft technology to create actionable business continuity solutions that minimize costs while ensuring data and processes are protected. Our Cloud experts help organizations craft a security plan, including a full evaluation to determine your needs. We then help build that plan and deploy it, with an eye towards costs as well.

Let’s talk at COVITS

If you are planning on attending COVITS, we’re happy to hear it and would like to connect while you’re there to discuss your needs. From data security to citizen engagement to analytics, our government team has the expertise and experience to help you solve your problems and help you transform. Contact Anthony Martin or Ron Davis to set up a time to meet.

To learn more about AKA’s solutions for Government, read this case study about how we help one of America’s largest and most digitally advanced counties strengthen community and improve citizen services.

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Contributor: Bryn Forrest

As Director, Government, Not for Profit, Media Industries, and Existing Customer Marketing for AKA, Bryn has more than 26 years of experience in marketing management, 17 of those with AKA. Under her leadership, AKA has been recognized by Microsoft for excellence in marketing.

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