Are you looking for a partner
that knows your industry?
Are you looking for a partner that knows your industry? Mr. John Smith
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DynamicsAdvantage: Industry solutions…brought to you by industry experts

In 2003, AKA launched its first industry practice, focused on providing solutions and services for Media & Entertainment companies. What made us an ideal partner for these organizations was our industry expertise–as well as the software solutions we built specifically for the needs of the industry. 

AKA Enterprise Solutions DynamicsAdvantage

We named these first solutions “DynamicsAdvantage” because they were built on a foundation of Microsoft Dynamics and because they gave any company that used them a competitive advantage.

The name stuck…not only because it conveyed two important messages, but because it could be used for any solution offered by AKA. Through the years, as we have continued to expand to other industries, our stable of industry focused solutions has expanded as well. Today, we offer DynamicsAdvantage solutions for:

A service advantage, too

AKA Enterprise Solutions has been providing Dynamics and other technology solutions backed by Microsoft excellence for more than two decades as a Gold Certified Dynamics partner in ERP, CRM, and the Cloud (Azure). An effective partner should be able to provide you with support and guidance well after the software implementation is complete.

The DynamicsAdvantage brand extends beyond software to represent our comprehensive Managed Services and Cloud Operations Managed Services offerings, which provide business insight, support, training, tools, and resources. While any partner can sell you a technology solution, we focus on your long-term success. Through expert support and system optimization, we work to continuously extend the value of your investment.