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Bring it all into focus with AKA

Finding it difficult to capitalize on new opportunities and deliver an unforgettable customer experience? Are your efforts to grow or expand being held back by old technology or outdated processes? Regardless of how you define transformation for your organization, you’ll get there faster with a partner that understands your business, your industry, and your unique challenges. Imagine what you could achieve with a partner that leverages technology and deep industry know-how to help you reach your goals faster, breaking down barriers and making it easier to do business along the way.

To have the freedom to innovate, you need more than just applications like CRM or ERP–and you need more than just a CRM or ERP services company. You need a partner that specializes in Cloud business consulting, strategic road-mapping, upgrades and custom development, utilizing transformative technologies like Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365 to deliver to you a solution that starts delivering a return on your investment right away.

Values that have stood the test of time

AKA Enterprise Solutions is based on a foundation of shared values and a commitment to each of our customers. At AKA we don’t just write our values, we live them every day.

  • Client Satisfaction: We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and maximize their satisfaction.
  • Client Empathy: We must understand what our clients experience in order to help them meet their challenges and improve their business success.
  • Client Relationships: We must create mutually beneficial relationships with our clients based on professionalism and trust.
  • Ethical Business Practices: We must conduct ourselves with the highest level of integrity and treat all individuals in our business community with dignity and respect.
  • Quality: We must pursue the highest level of quality in all products and services we provide.
  • Teamwork: We will use teamwork to meet challenges and promote each other’s success.
  • Employee Growth: We must promote creativity, initiative and personal growth while maintaining an open exchange of ideas and sharing information.
  • Company Strength: We provide outstanding value to our customers, perpetuating financial strength in our company.

A partner worthy of the name

Honesty, reliability, integrity. The companies that strive to live up to these virtues require their partners to do the same. We work hard to deliver what is expected of us – and our track record proves that we’ve done a great job of it. Our goal is always to deliver on time and on budget. But if anything begins to go off schedule, we will talk to you immediately and come to a resolution aimed at satisfying you and our agreement.

Ready to pave the way to innovation?

Whatever you’re ready for, we have the people, experience and solutions to make it happen.

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