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Corporate IT Professionals, We Feel Your Pain

In a recent article, Surfing a Digital Wave, or Drowning? The Economist describes the current and potential workload facing IT Departments within organizations of all types and sizes. Their premise is that Corporate IT is feeling pressure from many different parts of the organization to automate more than what they have typically focused on, like back office functions. Other areas, such as sales and marketing are demanding not just more attention from IT, but also sleek new apps that will make their jobs sexier and not just more efficient.

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Year End training Value Add Class for InterDyn AKA clients

The most important thing you do each is year is close your books properly. However, becasue it happens only once per year, the steps are easy to forget. To prepare for this year’s closing, InterDyn AKA is offering a webinar for existing clients, where we will walk through the steps needed to successfully close your year in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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