Webinar: Microsoft Dynamics Deep Dive Series, Part 7 – New Features and Enhancements for Power BI and Insights

July 26, 2017: 01:00 PM

The annual Microsoft Data Insights Summit was hosted in Seattle on June 12th and 13th. And when it comes to revealing exciting new product enhancements, the Summit did not disappoint. The AKA team was in attendance, and in this webcast, we will demonstrate some of these new capabilities, as well as a few additional items coming soon:

  • An Excel favorite, data bars are now available for table and matrix visuals—and there are many more improvements.
  • A “drill to” feature provides navigation/actions from one page of a report to another, including transferring the filter defined by the selected object.
  • A new bookmark feature allows linking to other bookmarks and reports, including filters—and highlight related visuals, which can also be hidden.
  • A new visual/parameter enables what-if analysis. See how changes to your business will impact the numbers!
  • Enhancements to the Maps feature support themes and improved geo hierarchy as well as drill through.
  • Enhanced Quick Insights does a better job of helping you understand your data.
  • Visio integration allows embedding diagrams in a dashboard. It also includes the ability to click objects in Visio, which will filter the charts in Power BI, and vice versa.
  • PowerApps integration will allow embedding into a Power BI report. This can enable write-back scenarios!

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